Yoga has been a part of my life since I was a child. I grew up with a yoga teacher in the family and started attending bikram classes at Rama Lotus when I was 15. This was not when I fell in love with yoga though – that was not until a few years ago. During my time travelling across South and Central America teaching kayaking I found myself wishing to reconnect with my yoga practice. But when the opportunity would arise I found the classes very challenging and I was not able to lose myself in the movement. So for a while I attended classes when I could without really feeling the magic of yoga.

When I moved back to Ottawa I decided to try once again to get back into yoga. I went to a few classes here and there until eventually I wandered into a class being led by Todd Lavictoire, and found a practice that I connected with. Since then I have immersed myself in yoga and the culture.

I am a kayak instructor and absolutely love to teach movement so for me it was a natural step to do my training and become a yoga teacher.

I have just finished my 200 hour yoga alliance certified teacher training with Mark Laham, Mike Dynie and Todd Lavictoire through Pure Yoga Ottawa. It was a fantastic program lead by wonderful instructors. The focus was spread out over many different aspects of yoga from asana to personal wellness and life skills.

I just completed my Yoga Tune Up® training also with Todd Lavictoire. This program is a very anatomy focused look at yoga that uses specific poses and props to perform personal massage and myofascial release to regain mobility and ease pain in your body. I am very excited about this program and look forward to teaching many Yoga Tune Up® classes.


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