Cailyn Codes – an Adventure in Learning

  Five years ago I took a Computer Science for the Arts course at Carleton University. I went in with no relevant experience and no expectations. But I fell in love with coding and I have been learning on my own ever since. Up until this year I have been making very small steps toward... Continue Reading →


New Farm Blog!

Hey everyone! I'll be posting farm related posts on I'll still be posting here about cooking, fitness, yoga, personal projects and computer-y things. Please check out my latest post about our new flock!

The Countdown Begins

Hey friends! It's been FOREVER, I know! It is hard work finishing up a degree, starting a business, being social and managing "life stuff". But the countdown to launching the farm has begun and I'm back to let all of you know what we are up to and what to expect from us over the... Continue Reading →

First time brewing beer!!!

Toby and I have be wanting to start brewing our own beer for quite a while now. Luckily for us Frisk got us a starter kit for Christmas so we could go ahead and get to it. That guy! So thoughtful!! We have been broadening our beer horizons over the past few months. Buying anything... Continue Reading →

Managing Our Shallow Soil

  When we looked at our property we asked if the previous owners had gardened at all. They said that the original owners had a big vegetable patch in the back at some point so we assumed that we would be able to plant easily. It was not until the snow melted and we were... Continue Reading →

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