Woo Hoo! We are going over how to clean up our code and make it more readable/usable. I am stoked for this section of the course because my Milk Log App is a filthy mess right now and it feels like a stressful place to work. Modular Code will scale better and is easier to... Continue Reading →


I might as well just start in the middle for now! I will include stories and memories from learning as I go - but I think it will be better for me to start while it's all fresh in my mind. I'm currently working on building a small web application to track milk production for... Continue Reading →

The Countdown Begins

Hey friends! It's been FOREVER, I know! It is hard work finishing up a degree, starting a business, being social and managing "life stuff". But the countdown to launching the farm has begun and I'm back to let all of you know what we are up to and what to expect from us over the... Continue Reading →

First time brewing beer!!!

Toby and I have be wanting to start brewing our own beer for quite a while now. Luckily for us Frisk got us a starter kit for Christmas so we could go ahead and get to it. That guy! So thoughtful!! We have been broadening our beer horizons over the past few months. Buying anything... Continue Reading →

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