House Cleaning 2

Hi!! This is another cleaning up the Yelp Camp App as I go post! My app.js is looking a mess, there is way too much going on and we need to separate some bits out. This time I'm going to take the mongoose models/schema out of my app.js and put them in separate files, in... Continue Reading →

What Squash Taught me About Learning

I'm addicted to learning, and as I get older I only want to learn more. This wasn't always the case, there was a time when I thought that I could only learn so much. I remember running into complex problems and thinking "well that's as far as I get, I can't possibly learn... *insert difficult... Continue Reading →

House Cleaning 1

There will be a bunch of posts littered through-out the blog addressing best practices, and how to create clean, neat, and readable code. This is the first of such posts tackling the directory structure of a relatively simple web application. Now that our application is big enough to require nested routes we will have to... Continue Reading →

Nested Routes

Eeee! Nested Routes are today's first topic! This is really exciting because I had to use nested routes in my Milk Log App and I didn't know what I was doing. I learned a lot and managaed to get all of my routes working but I'm excited to see how else I could have done... Continue Reading →


I might as well just start in the middle for now! I will include stories and memories from learning as I go - but I think it will be better for me to start while it's all fresh in my mind. I'm currently working on building a small web application to track milk production for... Continue Reading →

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