Our Goats! Our wonderful beautiful goats!!

The title of this post was going to be Totes My Goats but I could hear Toby's voice in my head saying "Ouuuur goats" so I had to change it. They are our first real farm animals (the chickens are easy!) and we are in this together. This is a post about the Nigerian Dwarf... Continue Reading →

They Grow Up So Fast

You blink and it feels like you missed years. Long gone are little balls of fuzz cheeping in their dog crate home. We are even past the awkward teenage days when they are half way between fuzzy down and new feathers. Now we have young chickens - fully feathered and full of spunk! In my... Continue Reading →

Receiving a helping hand

Toby and I both have a tendency to dream big, and snowball from there. What starts as a simple idea develops and grows until even we have to recognize that it is too much. So what happens when two dreamers buy a house and start a farm? Well they get a little overwhelmed. Here we... Continue Reading →

Getting Started on the Farm

Hello All!! We have moved into our new place and the house is mostly set up. Its been a very chaotic few weeks between the move, the end of the school year, Toby's big push at work, my yoga teacher training coming to a close and our ambitions to get this farm up and running.... Continue Reading →

Plan! Plan! Plan some more!

We are now one month away from moving day, and could not be any more excited. Today's to do list looked a little something like this.. TO DO: Plan location and size of garden Select seeds Look into Nigerian Dwarf Goats (THE CUTEST!) Find somewhere to buy laying hens Brain storm farm names For valentines... Continue Reading →

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