House Cleaning 2

Hi!! This is another cleaning up the Yelp Camp App as I go post! My app.js is looking a mess, there is way too much going on and we need to separate some bits out. This time I'm going to take the mongoose models/schema out of my app.js and put them in separate files, in... Continue Reading →

What Squash Taught me About Learning

I'm addicted to learning, and as I get older I only want to learn more. This wasn't always the case, there was a time when I thought that I could only learn so much. I remember running into complex problems and thinking "well that's as far as I get, I can't possibly learn... *insert difficult... Continue Reading →

Styling Yelp Camp Show Page 1

Hello! Now that the Yelp Camp App comments have their basic functionality we need to do some styling! I have been doing front end development for a couple years now (as a hobby) so I'm quite a bit more familiar with this part of the process. This post will be about the Yelp Camp styling... Continue Reading →

House Cleaning 1

There will be a bunch of posts littered through-out the blog addressing best practices, and how to create clean, neat, and readable code. This is the first of such posts tackling the directory structure of a relatively simple web application. Now that our application is big enough to require nested routes we will have to... Continue Reading →

Nested Routes

Eeee! Nested Routes are today's first topic! This is really exciting because I had to use nested routes in my Milk Log App and I didn't know what I was doing. I learned a lot and managaed to get all of my routes working but I'm excited to see how else I could have done... Continue Reading →

More Seeds File

So now comes the slightly more exciting bit (I'm lame, I know!), we are going to start creating comments!! Again, we're working in reverse order here. Starting by creating comments in the seeds file and then adding in the functionality to app.js. In seed.js I have added even more callbacks.. creating a pretty gross mess!... Continue Reading →

Seeds File

In the Web Developer Boot Camp we are getting ready to add some new features: comments and users. Before we do this we are creating a seeds file to clear the database and populate it with some new campgrounds that have a few comments each. This will allow us to easier tell if our code... Continue Reading →

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