Cailyn Codes – an Adventure in Learning



Five years ago I took a Computer Science for the Arts course at Carleton University. I went in with no relevant experience and no expectations. But I fell in love with coding and I have been learning on my own ever since.

Up until this year I have been making very small steps toward learning software development. I took a few short online courses, and spent time sort of aimlessly poking around. But about a year ago I was finally in a position to take my learning to the next level. I took grade 11 and 12 advanced functions and started working my way through Free Code Camp and The Web Developer Bootcamp.

I’ve applied for Computer Science, Computer Engineering and Computer Programming at a couple of local Universities and Colleges – and been accepted to all of them. I have also applied to the Shopify Dev Degree Program – which is my top choice by a very large margin!! I’m eager to get my hands dirty and start working right away.

Currently I am working my way through the last few topics in the Web Developer Bootcamp and spending a lot of time on a personal project that I will talk more about in the blog.

Long story short – I am going from farmer to programmer and I want to document my journey so that others can see that it is possible to become a developer regardless of your background, experience or age. I also think that writing about the things I am learning will help solidify concepts in my mind and give me a better understanding of tough topics.

So stick with me to see the fun, the frustrating and the freaking fantastic of learning software!

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