The Countdown Begins

Hey friends!

It’s been FOREVER, I know! It is hard work finishing up a degree, starting a business, being social and managing “life stuff”. But the countdown to launching the farm has begun and I’m back to let all of you know what we are up to and what to expect from us over the next few months.

First off, if you haven’t had a chance to check out the farm website, please do! I’ll be blogging about farm things on there in the future.


It has been a busy year here! I have been playing around with making cheese, pickling all the things, making soap, fermenting all the other things, pressure canning, hand lettering and a bunch of other small endeavors. I promise to write some detailed instructional posts later on!


Things are speeding up here on the farm as spring approaches! Onions have already been seeded and we are getting ready to start peppers and some herbs. There are *so* many things on my Pre-Spring To Do List, I don’t quite know where to start! The big projects for the next couple months will be:

  • finishing the permitting process for the greenhouse
  • starting more seeds
  • finalizing bed plans
  • building beehives
  • building a new, more roomy, chicken coop
  • building a chicken tractor (or two)
  • planning the irrigation system
  • ordering the last bits of plant production materials
  • and so, so much more


I finish my program in about a month and then I will be putting all of my time and energy into running the business. This year will be a learning year for me, so I am keeping everything really small. You will be able to find me at the North Gower and Kemptville Farmers Markets on Saturdays and Sundays. I will also be offering a CSA shares to 10 special people/families and contributing to the Two River Food Hub‘s weekly baskets.


This year’s focus will be primarily vegetable production and processing. The goats and chickens will mostly provide milk, eggs and meat for Toby and myself. I’ve ordered a selection of heritage breeds to replace our flock (which was eaten by a hungry fox). The new chickens will be colourful, vary in size, shape and plumage. We will of course continue to sell eggs from the farm gate.


Three of our goats are pregnant and due to kid this spring. I will be making and selling goats milk cosmetic products (soap, lotion, conditioner, shampoo, bath bombs, etc.) at the end of the summer and through the winter. I am considering offering a soap making workshop or two as well, so let me know if that is something that would interest you!


Succulents have become a passion of mine and I’ve been propagating them like a mad woman! Look forward to succulents, terrariums and vegetable seedlings for sale at the farmers markets!

That’s the quick update! Please email me if you have any questions about the up coming season, or anything else you may want to know!

I hope to have a more traditional post coming out later this week! Thanks for your support and interest! For now you can find me working away in my office, finishing up school and planning for the farm!






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