Creating a Community through Sports

Today as I was driving home from the feed store I was listening to CBC radio 1 as they asked people "Do you think sports bring people together or cause a divide?". The responses were very interesting, most leaning towards the creation of community through sports but there were also some interesting points to be... Continue Reading →

Update on the Farm: Building the Goat House!

We are just finishing our fourth month in the house and still as busy as ever!! Our to do list only gets longer and our weekends are getting more and more booked up as the summer comes to an end. This Friday/Saturday we will be visiting some family and picking up some wood. We are... Continue Reading →

Flour Water Salt Yeast

The Book for Beginners and Practiced Bakers   I purchased this book a few weeks ago and have only great things to say about it! I have made 4 recipes so far and each one has been relatively simple and absolutely delicious. If you are interested in baking your own bread but don't know where... Continue Reading →

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