Getting Started on the Farm

Hello All!!
We have moved into our new place and the house is mostly set up. Its been a very chaotic few weeks between the move, the end of the school year, Toby’s big push at work, my yoga teacher training coming to a close and our ambitions to get this farm up and running. The house is wonderful! It is so nice to have the space and privacy. We also have a new addition to the family: Frisket –  our new Australian shepherd pup.

Look at those eyes!

We have a house to do list about a mile long but we are getting through it one item at a time. This week one of the things we knocked off the list was building seedling flats! This is a very exciting step because it means we can start planting! I am a huge fan of the bio intensive gardening method and the book How to grow more vegetables by John Jevons is my garden go-to. In his book he recommends using flats that are 14′ by 23′ and 3′ deep. We went slightly bigger simply because it worked better with the sizes of wood we were purchasing. We decided to go with cedar so the flats will last longer. The lumber was purchased from our local supplier Perkins Lumber and they delivered it right to the garage. Toby pre-cut all the pieces and and together we drilled together all the boxes.


We filled them about 3/4 full with a 50/50 mix of soil from our beds and top soil purchased at the co-op.

Image  Image

Using a sift that Toby made from pallet wood and mesh wire we broke up all the soil clumps before planting. We are late starting our seedlings for the season so our first priority was the onions (they should have been planted 2 months ago). With the use of row covers and cold frames we are hoping to extend the growing season enough that they will reach maturity in time to harvest.


Now we have 6 flats planted with a onions and beets. This weekend we will be building our first greenhouse which will give us much more space for starting seedlings. Five packets of seeds down – fifty or so to go!


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