Plan! Plan! Plan some more!

We are now one month away from moving day, and could not be any more excited. Today’s to do list looked a little something like this..


Plan location and size of garden

Select seeds

Look into Nigerian Dwarf Goats (THE CUTEST!)

Find somewhere to buy laying hens

Brain storm farm names

For valentines day Toby had a large picture of our property printed out and laminated.


It worked perfectly for planing out the location of our gardens, the chicken coop, goat pens, green houses and orchard. We used our massive garage as scale and got down to scribbling in our plans. We are planning on fencing in an area a little bigger than an acre to start.

Looking through all of the heirloom plants I found myself wanting to purchase all of the different varieties. I’ve shortened my list  to around 70 packages of seeds. There will be no shortage of variety on the farm this year.

As for chickens and goats, we have some leads but no purchases yet.

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  1. Love you Goose, what an awesome idea to start a blog! Great way to share every step with us! Ask Papa D. where to get chickens, and I’ll ask Lori where she got her goats. Perfect Valentine’s Day gift Toby! xo

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