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If you are looking for more information on how Toby made the large image of our property or just want to learn all sorts of interesting things check out his blog!

Making Plans, Programs and Learning how to Install Ubuntu

Over the past few months I have become very interested in programming. I have been taking some computer science courses at Carleton University and fallen in love. I love the structure and rules! This weekend Toby and I purchased our summer seeds and began to draw out the master plan for the garden. We have... Continue Reading →

Plan! Plan! Plan some more!

We are now one month away from moving day, and could not be any more excited. Today's to do list looked a little something like this.. TO DO: Plan location and size of garden Select seeds Look into Nigerian Dwarf Goats (THE CUTEST!) Find somewhere to buy laying hens Brain storm farm names For valentines... Continue Reading →

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